About us

Consortia Management GmbH was set up by CHEMSERVICE and PROJACON in order to combine REACH Expertise and Consortia Management skills together with financial management competence and accounting capacity, coupled with organizational skills.

CHEMSERVICE is a well-known Regulatory Affairs service provider (www.chemservice-group.com) , covering long lasting experience in international chemical control legislation, toxicology, risk assessments and environmental sciences.

PROJACON is a financial and tax consultancy, consisting of experienced tax consultants, financial auditors, controllers and financial experts. (www.projacon.de).

Trustee accounts in Germany can only be managed by limited professions –besides notaries and lawyers - only tax accountants are licensed.

We are providing Letter-of-Access Management Services to Consortia, which have contracted us to act as their Coordinator or Secretariat, external Consortia, Lead Registrants, SIEF Lead Registrants, SIEF Lead Members or all other interested parties.