Services and Prices

The Financial SIEF Services provided by Consortia Management GmbH can be optionally and individually contracted and will include the following services:

The prices for each service can only be seen by registered customers!


Cost Calculation for Letter of Access (LoA) or License to Use (LtU)


Calculating the costs for a LoA/LtU based on number of registrants and read-across cases. The general costs will include:

  • Historical costs
  • Consortium/SIEF Leadership costs
  • Secretariat/Coordinator costs
  • SIEF Communication costs
  • Dossier completion costs
  • Data Costs


LoA Handling


LoA-Handling and Management includes the following services:

  • Receiving requests for LoA and communicating details to requester
  • Manage contractual signatures on standard agreements (e.g. for data sharing)
  • Issue Invoice and follow-up incoming payment
  • Provide Token after cash receipt


Compensation of Data Holders


One transaction includes the following services

  • Collect banking details
  • Credit Note/Voucher to Data Holder
  • Credit Transfer to Data Holder’s Bank Account


Refunding of Beneficiaries (early Registrants, Data Holders)


One transaction includes the following services

  • Calculation of refunded amount per beneficiary of surplus funds contributed by late joiners
  • Collect banking details
  • Credit Note/Voucher to Beneficiary
  • Credit Transfer to Beneficiary’s Bank Account


SIEF Communication

  • Represent Lead Registrant/SFF in SIEF
  • Communicate with SIEF members on behalf of client (e.g. SIEF Survey, C&L, LoA, SIEF Agreements, etc).


Data Archiving

  • Data archiving/storage for 10 years



  • Trustee Account setup and management (one-time cost per SIEF)